EuroBasket 1957 Final: The Soviet Union begins its overwhelming dominance

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1957 Bulgaria Decade 50 EuroBasket Soviet Union

In 1957, the EuroBasket was held in Bulgaria, where the Soviet Union won gold, the first of up to eight consecutive wins, a tyranny that reigned in Europe for more than three lustrums

It was played in a group format, without playoffs, and the gold medal was decided when the Soviet Union met the hosts Bulgaria, in front of 48,000 spectators. The Soviets won by (60-57), and Bulgaria, despite all their drive both on and off the court, had to settle for the Silver. The Bronze went to Czechoslovakia with its balance of (8-2)

Soviet Union 60
*Zubkov – 17p
*Valdmanis – 8p
*Semenov – 9p
*Ozerov – 7p
*Botchkarev – 6p
Muzhnieks – 6p
Stonkus – 4p
Torban – 3p
Laga – 0p
Lauritenas – 0p
Minachvili – 0p
Studenetsky – 0p

Bulgaria 57
*Savov – 15p
*Mirchev – 14p
*Panov – 7p
*Kanev – 5p
*Semov – 5p
Totev – 4p
Panov – 3p
Ganchev – 2p
Radev – 2p
Lazarov – 0p
Tomovski – 0p
Atanasov – 0p