EuroBasket 1957 Final: The Soviet Union begins its overwhelming dominance

In 1957, the EuroBasket was held in Bulgaria, where the Soviet Union won gold, the first of up to eight consecutive wins, a tyranny that reigned in Europe for more than three lustrums

It was played in a group format, without playoffs, and the gold medal was decided when the Soviet Union met the hosts Bulgaria, in front of 48,000 spectators. The Soviets won by (60-57), and Bulgaria, despite all their drive both on and off the court, had to settle for the Silver. The Bronze went to Czechoslovakia with its balance of (8-2)

Soviet Union 60
*Zubkov – 17p
*Valdmanis – 8p
*Semenov – 9p
*Ozerov – 7p
*Botchkarev – 6p
Muzhnieks – 6p
Stonkus – 4p
Torban – 3p
Laga – 0p
Lauritenas – 0p
Minachvili – 0p
Studenetsky – 0p

Bulgaria 57
*Savov – 15p
*Mirchev – 14p
*Panov – 7p
*Kanev – 5p
*Semov – 5p
Totev – 4p
Panov – 3p
Ganchev – 2p
Radev – 2p
Lazarov – 0p
Tomovski – 0p
Atanasov – 0p

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