Cup 2006 Final: Prigioni leads Baskonia to a new Cup

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 2006 Baskonia Cup Decade 2000 Valencia Basket

In 2006 the cup was held in Madrid. A cup that elevated Baskonia and Prigioni as its leading helmsman. In the final, they beat Valencia Basket, who made a great impression thanks to Dikoudis (85-80)

It was a game where Baskonia came out on top, (29-8) at the end of the first quarter, and (49-31) at half-time. The final seemed decided, it is true that then between a mixture of Basque relaxation and a final push of the Taronja, made up the result of a final decanted for the Basques for many minutes.

Erdogan (20 points), Jacobsen (19 points) and Scola (19 points) led the champion’s score, all under the baton of MVP Prigioni, who finished with 3 points, 15 assists and 6 recoveries. In Valencia, Dikoudis went to 26 points, seconded by Harrington (18 points).


Barcelona 67 – Real Madrid 77
Valencia Basket 82 – Girona 68
Baskonia 92 – Joventut 72
Unicaja Málaga 74 – Gran Canaria 64

Real Madrid 75 – Baskonia 87
Valencia Basket 87 – Unicaja Málaga 74

Baskonia 85
*Prigioni – 3p, 15a, 6br
*Jacobsen – 19p, 1a
*Hansen – 11p, 4r, 1t
*Scola – 19p, 9r, 1br
*Splitter – 6p, 8r, 1t
Vidal – 0p
Ukic – 6p, 1r
Erdogan – 20p, 4r, 1a
David – 1p, 2r, 1t

Valencia Basket 80
*Avdalovic – 6p, 2a, 2br
*Stepp – 0p, 1a
*Yebra – 5p, 8r
*Dikoudis – 26p, 8r, 4br
*Garcés – 5p, 4r
Harrington – 18p, 4r, 3a
Sklavos – 3p, 1r, 1a
Miralles – 6p, 3r
Luengo – 0p, 1br, 1a
Timinskas – 11p, 2r