Cup 1990 Final: Mark Davis leads Zaragoza to their second cup

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1990 Cup Decade 90 Joventut Badalona Zaragoza

In 1990 the cup was held in Gran Canaria, and lived closely the exhibition of Davis, who led his Zaragoza to beat Joventut in the final (76-69), with one of the best exhibitions in memory of a cup final

The Black Greens tried their luck, Villacampa on the outside and Lampley on the inside, to try and win the cup (38-35), but in the end they had to give in to the MVP Mark Davis, who literally went off the map.

Davis ended up with 44 points, almost 60% of his team’s points, with a 16/26 series of shots. Villacampa was the top green-black scorer with 22 points.

Before that…

Joventut 94 – Breogan Lugo 78
Barcelona 83 – Granollers 85
Zaragoza 85 – Girona 79
Real Madrid 84 – Baskonia 82

Joventut 93 – Granollers 81
Zaragoza 74 – Real Madrid 73

Zaragoza 76
*P.Arcega – 5p, 2r, 2a
*Davis – 44p, 5r, 2a
*Zapata – 6p, 6r, 1a
*Andreu – 1p, 1r, 2t
*Bellostenny – 10p, 9r, 4br
F.Arcega – 3p, 4r, 1br
Lorente – 5p, 3br, 1a
Aldama – 0p
Murcia – 2p, 1r, 1a

Joventut 71
*Montero – 10p, 5r, 1a
*Villacampa – 22p, 3r
*Lampley – 13p, 7r, 2t
*Morales – 7p, 7r, 2br
*Johnson – 11p, 5r, 2br
Ruf – 0p, 1br
R.Jofresa – 6p, 1r, 1a
T.Jofresa – 0p, 1br
Margall – 0p