ACB Final 2005: Herreros retires in style

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 2005 ACB Baskonia Decade 2000 Real Madrid

In the ACB of the year 2.005, will always be remembered by the league of Herreros, the final of the ACB disputed the TAU Ceramic against Real Madrid, with court factor for the Vitorianos. Playing the fifth game, and in the last minute practically match, the TAU had dominated the match, the knockout and the title. But a crazy minute of basketball, gave rise to one of the most spectacular comebacks that are remembered in the ACB, culminated with a triple Herreros for history

Real Madrid
*Sonko – 4.6p, 1.6r.
*Bullock – 19.2p, 3.0a. 
*Gelabale – 5.2p, 1.4r.
*Hervelle – 7.0p, 5.0r.
*Reyes – 9.4p, 7.2r.
Hamilton – 12.6p, 2.4r. 
Herreros – 4.0p.
Fotsis – 4.0p, 2.4r.
Bueno – 5.0p, 3.3r. (3)
Burke – 9.2p, 3.8r.
Larranaga – 0.2p. (4)

TAU Cerámica
*Prigioni – 4.0p, 1.4a.
*Macijauskas – 19.2p, 2.2r. 
*Vidal – 8.6p, 3.4a.
*David – 9.4p, 3.2r.
*Scola – 13.6p, 3.8r.
Calderon – 8.0p, 2.6a.
Hansen – 7.4p, 1.8r.
Gabini – 3.3p, 1.6r. (3)
Splitter – 5.6p, 3.4r.
Betts – 3.6p, 1.6r. (3)

To reach the final they won …
Real Madrid – Joventut (3-1), Estudiantes (3-1)
TAU Ceramica – Canarias (3-1), Unicaja (3-1)