World Champion Final 1986: United States beats Soviet Union in tight game

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1986 Decade 80 Soviet Union United States World Champion

In 1.986 the World-wide celebrated in Spain was disputed, in its decisive phase results in Madrid. The great final was disputed by the two world powers of the moment, the United States and the Soviet Union, with victory for the North Americans by 87-85

In order to reach the final and win it, the USA eliminated Brazil earlier in the semifinals by 96-80, and the Soviets beat Yugoslavia by 91-90 in a match that was resolved by heads or tails. In the fight for the Bronze, the metal went to Yugoslavia after defeating Brazil by 117-91.

United States 87
·Bogues – 0p, 4a.
·Elliot – 2p, 2r.
·McKey – 6p, 1r.
·Ch.Smith – 17p, 10r.
·Robinson – 20p, 17r.
K.Smith – 23p, 4r.
Kerr – 0p.
Amaker – 9p, 2r.
Gilliam – 8p, 5r.
Seikaly – 0p, 3r.
Hammonds – 0p, 1r.
Shaw – 2p, 1a.

Soviet Union 85
·Homicius – 17p, 3a.
·Kurtinaitis – 6p, 2r.
·Tarakanov – 10p, 5r.
·Tikhonenko – 16p, 5r.
·Sabonis – 16p, 14r.
Valters – 2p, 1a.
Sokk – 3p, 1r.
Volkov – 8p, 7r.
Belostenny – 7p, 2r.
Tkachenko – 0p, 3r.
Grishaev – 0p.
Jekabsons – 0p.