World Champion Final 1982: The Soviet Union takes a head or tail to the United States

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1982 Decade 80 Soviet Union United States World Champion

In 1982 the World Cup was held in Colombia, disputing the decisive phase in Cali, and the Soviet Union was finally crowned champion after beating the United States in the final by a tight 95-94

A final that was decided after two qualifying groups. Same process that decided the fight for the Bronze, where the metal went to Yugoslavia that overcame Spain in another match not suitable for heart by 119-117.

Soviet Union 95
*Jovaisa – 7p
*Walters – 13p
*Mishkin – 29p
*Lopatov – 11p
*Bellosteny – 10p
Eremine – 9p
Enden – 0p
Tarakanov – 2p
Sabonis – 0p
Derjugin – 6p
Tkachenko – 8p
Homicius – 0p

United States 94
*Sundvold – 16p
*Rivers – 24p
*Wiggins – 16p
*Carr – 9p
*Pinone – 10p
Turner – 6p
Jones – 2p
Kitchel – 0p
Klein – 0p
Reynolds – 2p
Thomas – 9p
West – 0p