World Champion 1967 Final: Soviet Union takes its first title

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1967 Decade 60 Soviet Union World Champion Yugoslavia

At the 1967 World Cup in Uruguay, the Soviet Union opened its World Championship locker. The competition should have been played in 66, but in the end different political issues postponed it to 67. It was played in group format, and it decided that the Soviet Union would win the Gold, Yugoslavia the Silver, and Brazil the Bronze

As there was no final match, the reality is that the championship was decided when the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia met. The winner would decide the Gold, and here the Soviets did not fail, winning by (71-59).

Soviet Union 71
*Polivoda – 16p
*Paulauskas – 6p
*Sakandelidze – 10p
*Volnov – 7p
*Lipso – 16p
Andrejev – 3p
Tomson – 6p
Selikhov – 6p
Travine – 4p
Gennadi – 0p
Belov – 0p
Nesterov – 0p

Yugoslavia 59
*Daneu – 23p
*Raznatovic – 10p
*Korac – 6p
*Rajkovic – 13p
*Cosic – 0p
Skansi – 0p
Basin – 2p
Kovacic – 0p
Cvetkovic – 1p
Djerdja – 0p
Tvrdic – 0p
Djuric – 0p