World Champion 1963 Final: Brazil take their World Cup

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1963 Brazil Decade 60 World Champion Yugoslavia

At the 1963 World Cup in Brazil, the locals were crowned world champions for the second time in a row. After passing the group stages, Brazil won the Gold, Yugoslavia the Silver and the Soviet Union the Bronze

In the final phase, Brazil was proclaimed world champion after defeating all its rivals (6-0), Yugoslavia (5-1) was silver after its defeat by Brazil several days before the end, and the Soviet Union was bronze with a balance of (7-2), surpassing the United States by one point, which deprived them of the metal.

Brazil 90
*Amaury – 22p
*Wlamir – 24p
*De Souza – 12p
*Ubiratan – 8p
*Mirchauswka – 7p
Massoni – 4p
Tortelli – 12p
Schall – 0p
Menon – 2p
Sucar – 4p
Blatskauskas – 5p
Braun – 0p

Yugoslavia 71
*Korac – 12p
*Daneu – 10p
*Djuric – 20p
*Nikolic – 11p
*Rajkovic – 8p
Gordic – 0p
Kovacic – 2p
Djerdja – 5p
Raznatovic – 0p
Petricevic – 3p
Ajzelt – 0p
Cvetkovic – 0p