World Champion 1954 Final: United States beats enthusiastic Brazil

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1955 Brazil Decade 50 United States World Champion

In 1954, the World Cup was held in Brazil, where the United States ended up undefeated and proclaimed themselves World Champions. The silver went to the local Brazil, and the bronze to the Philippines

It was played in a group format, and in the fight for the medals the United States finished with a (9-0) balance, beating Brazil, who only lost one game (8-1), the last one of the series and who dedicated the championship (62-41) to the USA, and the Philippines, who with their (5-2) won a whole World Bronze.

United States 62
*Edward – 14p
*Born – 12p
*Stratton – 11p
*Sheets – 8p
*Penwell – 7p
Retherford – 4p
Kelley – 4p
Minter – 2p
Waine Gott – 0p
Johnson – 0p
Hamilton – 0p

Brazil – 41
*Pasos – 12p
*De Azevedo – 6p
*De Almeida – 6p
*Bombarda – 4p
*Facci – 4p
Bonifetti – 3p
Pereira – 0p
Gedeao – 0p
Monteiro – 0p
De Carli – 0p
Fonseca – 0p