Olympic Games Final 1992: Time to enjoy the best team in history, the «Dream Team»

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1992 Croatia Decade 90 Olympic Games United States

In the summer of 1992, the Barcelona Olympic Games were held. In Catalan lands, in the Palau Sant Jordi, was seen the best team ever, the United States of America, with Magic, Jordan, Bird and a firmament more stars winning the Olympic Gold. The United States swept through the competition winning all matches by more than 30 points on average, the final not being an exception … beating Croatia by 117-85

In the semifinals, the United States defeated Lithuania, 127-76, and Croatia defeated the Russian unified countries, 75-74. In the fight for Bronze Lithuania defeated the Russian unified countries, 78-82.

United States 117
*Magic Johnson – 11p, 6a.
*Jordan – 22p, 3r.
*Pippen – 12p, 4a.
*Malone – 6p, 2br.
*Ewing – 15p, 6r.
Drexler – 10p, 3a.
Mullin – 11p, 4a.
Bird – 0p, 2r.
Barkley – 17p, 5r.
Robinson – 9p, 2r.
Laettner – 2p.
Stockton – 2p, 1a.

Croatia 85
*Petrovic – 24p, 5a.
*Komazec – 4p.
*Kukoc – 16p, 9a, 5r.
*Radja – 23p, 6r.
*Vrankovic – 0p, 1t.
Alanovic – 0p, 2br.
Gregov – 3p.
Perasovic – 6p, 2a.
Arapovic – 7p, 4r.
Tabak – 0p, 1r.
Naglic – 2p.
Cvjeticanin – 0p, 1a.