Olympic Games 1964 Final: The United States is still unbeatable

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1964 Decade 60 Olympic Games Soviet Union United States

In 1964 the Tokyo Olympics were held, and again the United States took the gold without too much opposition, their sixth gold. In the final, the Soviet Union looked for its options, but the USA’s victory was never in any particular danger (73-59)

Brazil took the Bronze, after a comfortable victory over Puerto Rico, by (76-60). Earlier in the semi-finals, the Soviet Union beat Brazil (53-47) in a tough game, just a few points behind, and the United States overwhelmed Puerto Rico (62-42).

United States 73
*Shipp – 10p
*Bradley – 10p
*Brown – 6p
*Caldwell – 14p
*Jackson – 17p
Counts – 4p
Davis – 4p
McCaffrey – 4p
Hazzard – 2p
Wilson – 2p
Mullins – 0p
Barnes – 0p

Soviet Union 59
*Travine – 12p
*Krumins – 11p
*Korneev – 8p
*Alachachian – 6p
*Petrov – 6p
Baglej – 4p
Lipso – 4p
Kalninsh – 4p
Khrynin – 2p
Volnov – 2p
Moseshvili – 0p
Muiznieks – 0p