Olympic Games 1960 Final: The United States dominates

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1960 Decade 60 EuroLeague Soviet Union United States

In 1960, the Rome Olympic Games were held in a group format, without crosses or finals, and the United States were unbeatable, with a record of 8-0 in the tournament

After passing two phases, the final phase was reached, where the United States continued without losing a match, playing the final game against Brazil, which was finally Bronze. The Soviet Union drew with the Brazilians (6-2), but the Soviet victory (64-62) between them, gave them the silver.

United States 90
*Robertson – 14p
*West – 8p
*Lucas – 21p
*Dischinger – 9p
*Smith – 11p
Bellamy – 0p
Boozer – 8p
Haldonsor – 1p
Imhoff – 4p
Kelley – 4p
Lane – 9p
Arnette – 1p

Brazil 63
*Amaury – 17p
*Wlamir – 19p
*Sucas Salvador – 13p
*Massoni – 7p
*Boccardo Waldyr – 2p
De Azevedo – 2p
Blas – 0p
Freitas Pereira – 0p
De Souza – 1p
Schall Jatyr – 0p
Dos Santos – 2p
Blatskauskas – 0p