Olympic Games 1952 Final: United States still unbeaten

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1952 Decade 50 Olympic Games Soviet Union United States

In 1952, the Helsinki Olympic Games were held, where the United States relentlessly maintained its hegemony. The USA did not lose a single match in the whole competition, the silver went to the Soviet Union, after losing in a final with very few points (36-25), carrying out a defensive strategy that was not enough to win against the USA either

The Bronze was for Uruguay, in an exciting match against their neighbor Argentina, and that was decided by (68-59). Earlier, in the semifinals, the Americans beat Argentina, by (86-75), and the Soviets beat Uruguay, by (61-57).

United States 36
*Lovellete – 9p
*Kurland – 8p
*Kenney – 6p
*Hougland – 6p
*Williams – 4p
Hoag – 6p
Pippin – 1p
Kelley – 0p
Freiberger – 0p
Lienhard – 0p
Glasgow – 0p
McCabe – 0p

Soviet Union 25
*Korkia – 8p
*Butaustas – 6p
*Kullam – 6p
*Mojseev – 4p
*Dzhordzhikija – 1p
Kruus – 0p
Vlasov – 0p
Stonkus – 0p
Lyssov – 0p
Petkevicius – 0p
Oyerov – 0p
Konev – 0p