Olympic Games 1948 Final: U.S. wins gold by knocking out rivals

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1948 Decade 40 France Olympic Games United States

In 1948, the London Olympics were held, where the United States swept every opponent that came along for the ride to the gold. Such was the dominance of the USA that they took the lead in the final against France (65-21). The podium was completed with Brazil

For the Bronze the mentioned Brazil had to overcome Mexico, finally by (52-47). Earlier in the semi-finals, the United States had beaten Mexico (71-40), and France had beaten Brazil (43-33).

United States 65
*Groza – 11p
*Lumpp – 10p
*Barsdale – 8p
*Pitts – 7p
*Beck – 6p
Beard – 4p
Kurland – 4p
Jones – 4p
Boryla – 3p
Rollins – 2p
Renick – 2p
Carpenter – 2p
Robinson – 2p
Barker – 0p

France 21
*Chocat – 8p
*Perrier – 5p
*Thiolon – 3p
*Offner – 2p
*Derency – 1p
Gullou – 1p
Rebuffic – 1p
Buffiere – 0p
Even – 0p
Desaymonnet – 0p
Bonevie – 0p
Girardot – 0p
Quenin – 0p
Barais – 0p