NBA Final 2015: 40 years later the Warriors win again

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 2015 Cleveland Cavaliers Decade 2010 Golden State Warriors NBA

In the 2015 NBA, the Golden State Warriors savored the honey of triumph 40 years later, no less. In the final they beat the Cleveland Cavaliers of Lebron James (4-2). A Lebron who was playing his fifth consecutive finals, something within the reach of very few, and who had to play practically alone, with all the responsibility, because of the injuries that devastated the CAVS, with Irving and Love out. The first two games needed extra time, the Cavaliers got to put (1-2) but in the end the Warriors were superior. Curry took the glory and Iguodala the MVP of the final

Golden St. Warriors
*Curry – 26.0p, 6.3a, 5.2r.
*Thompson – 15.8p, 4.3r, 1.7a.
*Iguodala – 16.3p, 5.8r, 4.0a.
*Barnes – 8.8p, 5.8r.
*Green – 13.0p, 8.3r, 5.0a.
Livingston – 5.0p, 3.5r, 2.2a.
Barbosa – 5.2p, 1.7r.
Ezeli – 4.4p, 3.4r. (5)
Bogut – 2.5p, 6.0r, 1.5a. (4)
Lee – 5.5p, 2.5r, 1.5a. (4)
Speights – 3.0p, 1.6r. (3)
McAdoo – 0p, 1r. (1)
Holiday – 0p. (1)
Cleveland Cavaliers
*Dellavedova – 7.5p, 2.7r, 2.7a.
*Shumpert – 6.5p, 3.8r.
*James – 35.8p, 13.3r, 8.8a.
*Thompson – 10.0p, 13.0r, 1.0t.
*Mozgov – 14.0p, 7.5r, 1.5t.
Smith – 11.5p, 4.3r, 1.0a.
Jones – 3.3p, 1.3r.
Miller – 0.6p, (5)
Harris – 0.5p. (2
Perkins – 2p, 1r. (1)
Irving – 23p, 7r, 6a. (1)

To reach the final they won …
Golden St. Warriors – New Orleans Pelicans (4-0), Memphis Grizzlies (4-2), Houston Rockets (4-1)
Cleveland Cavaliers – Boston Celtics (4-0), Chicago Bulls (4-2), Atlanta Hawks (4-0)