NBA Final 2014: Spurs feel the spell of the ring again

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 2014 Decade 2010 Miami Heat NBA San Antonio Spurs

In the 2014 NBA the reign of the Miami Heat came to an end. After winning two league titles the state of Florida returned one more year and are now four straight to dispute the final and as last year his rival were the San Antonio Spurs. The Texans in contrast to the previous final, in this if they left as clear favorites and more fulfilled it. With a balance of (4-1) the San Antonio Spurs returned to the top of the NBA after seven years of drought

A Lebron James more and more alone before the danger could do nothing before the game of his rival, much more coral and collective. In the first two games the series was tied (1-1) but in the next three games the Spurs were able to win on the opposite court giving a great feeling of power. Leonard was chosen MVP, the youngest since a certain Magic Johnson, Duncan, Parker, Ginobili, Diaw, … a real team and unquestionable winner.

San Antonio Spurs
*Parker – 18.0p, 4.6a.
*Green – 9.2p, 2.0r, 1.2a.
*Leonard – 17.8p, 6.4r, 2.0a.
*Duncan – 15.4p, 10.0r, 2.0a.
*Splitter – 6.2p, 3.4r, 2.2a.
Ginobili – 14.4p, 4.4a, 3.0r.
Diaw – 6.2p, 8.6r, 5.8a.
Belinelli – 4.6p, 1.2r.
Mills – 10.2p, 1.8a, 1.4r.
Bonner – 1.2p, 1.2a. (4)
Baynes – 2.0p. (3)
Ayres – 1.6p. (3)
Joseph – 0.6p. (3)

Miami Heat
*Chalmers – 4.4p, 2.0a, 1.4r.
*Wade – 15.2p, 3.8r, 2.6a.
*James – 28.2p, 7.8r, 4.0a.
*Lewis – 8.6p, 1.6r.
*Bosh – 14.0p, 5.2r, 1.0a.
Allen – 9.8p, 3.0r, 1.0br.
Cole – 3.2p, 1.6a, 1.4r.
Andersen – 2.6p, 5.6r.
Battier – 0.0p. (4)
Haslem – 1.0p, 1.0r. (4)
Jones – 2.7p. (4)
Douglas– 1.0p, 1.3r. (3)
Oden – 0p. (2)
Beasley – 9p, 3r, 1a. (1)

To get to the end they won …
San Antonio Spurs – Dallas Mavericks (4-3); Portland trail Blazers (4-1); Oklahoma City Thunder (4-2)
Miami Heat – Charlotte Bobcats (4-0); Brooklyn Nets (4-1); Indiana Pacers (4-2)