NBA Final 1999: Spurs twin towers take advantage of Ewing’s downfall

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1999 Decade 90 NBA New York Knicks San Antonio Spurs

The NBA of 99 began very convulsed by the strike of players, which kept the league a few months blocked. When the differences were settled began a regular phase with fewer games, and in the final faced the San Antonio Spurs, protected by their twin towers Robinson-Duncan and the New York Knicks who appeared in the final against the odds. A final marked by Patrick Ewing’s injury against him, which led to a 4-1 result, easy in favor of the San Antonio Spurs

San Antonio Spurs
*Johnson – 9.2p, 7.2a.
*Ellie – 11.6p, 4.0r. 
*Elliott – 8.0p, 3.0r.
*Duncan – 27.6p, 14.0r. 
*Robinson – 16.6p, 11.8r. 
Kerr – 1.8p.
Daniels – 2.5p, 1.0a. (4)
Jackson – 6.6p, 1.4r.
Kersey – 1.0p. (2)
Rose – 1.2p, 2.4r.
King – 0.0p. (2)

New York Knicks
*Ward – 5.8p, 3.6a.
*Houston – 21.6p, 3.4a.
*Sprewell – 26.0p, 6.6r.
*Johnson – 7.6p, 4.8r.
*Camby – 9.6p, 7.8r.
Childs – 2.4p, 2.2a.
Brunson – 0p. (1)
Thomas – 5.6p, 7.6r.
Williams – 0.0p. (2)
Dudley – 1.2p, 3.8r.

To reach the final they won …
San Antonio Spurs – Minnesota Wolves (3-1), Angeles Lakers (4-0), Portland Blazers (4-0)
New York Knicks – Miami Heat (3-2), Atlanta Hawks (4-0), Indiana Pacers (4-2)