NBA 2019 Final: Raptors seize chance to win at first chance

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 2019 Decade 2010 Golden State Warriors NBA Toronto Raptors

The 2019 NBA offered us a final that was sometimes dramatic due to injuries suffered by the Warriors, and historic for Raptors who were proclaimed NBA champions in their first disputed final. The Warriors managed to win two games on Canadian soil, but their impregnable Oracle Arena saw their team lose up to three times to a Toronto led by Leonard, MVP of the final, and with a clear Spanish flavor, with Marc Gasol and Ibaka on the track, and Scariolo on the bench, touching glory. In the end (4-2) for Toronto. Without Durant, who only played 12 minutes to re-injure himself, with Thompson in the end also out of action for the effort, and a half gas Cousins, the Warriors lost the chance to win the ring for the third consecutive time

Toronto Raptors
*Lowry – 16.2p, 7.2a, 4.0r.
*Green – 7.3p, 3.5r, 1.2a.
*Leonard – 28.5p, 9.8r, 4.2a.
*Siakam – 19.8p, 7.5r, 3.7a.
*Gasol – 12.0p, 7.3r, 2.7a.
VanVleet – 14.0p, 2.7r, 2.2a.
McCaw – 0.8p. (4)
Powell – 1.8p, 1.0r.
Ibaka – 11.3p, 5.2r, 1.7t.
Lin – 0p. (1)
Meeks – 0p. (1)
Miller – 0p. (1)

Golden State Warriors
*Curry – 30.5p, 6.0a, 5.2r.
*Thompson – 26.0p, 4.8r, 2.4a. (5)
*Iguodala – 9.2p, 4.5r, 4.0a.
*Green – 12.5p, 10.8r, 9.3a.
*Cousins – 8.3p, 4.7r, 2.3a.
Livingston – 4.7p, 1.5r, 1.5a.
Cook – 4.8p.
McKinnie – 2.2p, 1.7r
Looney – 5.8p, 3.2r, 1.2a. (5)
Bogut – 2.4p, 3.0r. (5)
Jerebko – 3.5p, 1.3r. (4)
Bell – 1.5p, 1.3r. (4)
Evans – 0.0p. (3)
Durant – 11p, 2r. (1)
Jones – 0p. (1)

To get to the finals they beat…
Toronto Raptors – Orlando Magic (4-1), Philadelphia Sixers (4-3), Milwaukee Bucks (2-4)
Golden St. Warriors – Angeles Clippers (4-2), Houston Rockets (4-2), Portland T. Blazers (4-0)