NBA 1960 Final: St. Louis Hawks sell out against Celtics

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1960 Boston Celtics Decade 60 NBA

In the 1960 NBA, the Celtics won their second consecutive ring, beating the St. Louis Hawks in the final in a hotly contested series that was only decided in the seventh game, where the Greens won with authority (122-103)

Boston Celtics
*Cousy – 14.4p, 10.0a, 3.7r
*Sharman – 19.3p, 3.6r, 1.3a
*Ramsey – 18.4p, 7.3r, 1.0a
*HeinSohn – 22.4p, 9.7r, 2.1a
*Russell – 16.7p, 24.9r, 3.0a
S. Jones – 9.9p, 3.1r, 1.4a
KC Jones – 6.4p, 2.0r
Conley – 3.3p, 6.1r
Guarilia – 0.2p, 2.6r. (5)
Richter – 3.8p, 3.0r. (4)

St Louis Hawks
*McCarthy – 7.4p, 5.4a, 5.1r
*Green – 13.0p, 7.1r, 5.7a
*Lovellete – 16.4p, 9.9r, 3.9a
*Pettit – 25.7p, 14.9r, 3.6a
*Hagan – 23.6p, 10.1r, 2.7a
Piontek – 7.0p, 3.7r, 1.6a
Ferrari – 5.6p, 1.6a, 1.1r
Ferry – 3.5p, 2.0r. (6)
Foust – 5.0p, 5.0r, (5)

To get to the final they beat…
Boston Celtics – Philadelphia Warriors (4-2)
St. Louis Hawks – Minneapolis Lakers (4-3)