NBA 1958 Final: St. Louis Hawks touch the ring of glory

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In the 1958 NBA, the championship went to the St. Louis Hawks, defeating the Boston Celtics in the final by a solvent (4-2). Bob Pettit and Cliff Hagan made the difference throughout the series

St. Louis Hawks
*McMahon – 8.3p, 4.2a, 3.3r
*Coleman – 8.0p, 5.0r, 2.0a
*Martin – 12.2p, 4.5r, 3.3a
*Hagan – 25.2p, 9.7r, 3.5a
*Pettit – 29.3p, 17.0r, 2.2a
Share – 6.2p, 6.0r, 1.5a.
Macauley – 5.8p, 6.3r, 1.3a
Wilfong – 4.0p, 2.0r, 1.5a
Davis – 4.4p, 2.8r. (5)
Park – 4.2p, 2.4r, 1.4a. (5)

Boston Celtics
*Cousy – 18.7p, 7.7a, 6.3r
*Sharman – 21.3p, 4.5r, 1.8a
*Ramsey – 19.7p, 8.5r, 1.0a
*Heinsohn – 16.3p, 10.7r, 1.7a
*Russell – 14.5p, 19.3r, 2.3a. (4)
Tsioropoulos – 7.7p, 6.5r, 1.2a
Risen – 5.8p, 7.8r, 1.2a
Nichols – 5.3p, 4.0r
Jones – 5.8p, 4.0r. (5)
Phillip – 1.6p, 1.2r. (5)

To get to the final they beat…
St. Louis Hawks – Detroit Pistons (4-1)
Boston Celtics – Philadelphia Warriors (4-1)