NBA 1957 Final: Celtics win tough final series against Hawks

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1957 Boston Celtics Decade 50 NBA St. Louis Hawks

The 1957 NBA went to the Boston Celtics after winning the final series against the St. Louis Hawks (4-3). Such was the level of equality that the victories alternated until in game seven everything was decided in the last possession of the seventh game, with (123-125) for the Greens

Boston Celtics
*Cousy – 20.7p, 9.1a, 6.7r
*Sharman – 21.9p, 3.7r, 3.0a
*Ramsey – 11.6p, 4.1r, 1.0a
*Heinsohn – 24.0p, 12.6r, 2.1a
*Russell – 13.3p, 22.9r, 3.3a
Risen – 8.7p, 6.3r, 1.3a
Loscutoff – 7.7p, 8.7r
Nichols – 3.9p, 1.6r
Phillip – 3.1p, 2.1r, 1.6a
Hemric – 2p, 6r, 1a. (1)

St. Louis Hawks
*McMahon – 10.9p, 4.4r, 4.3a
*Martin – 14.7p, 4.1a, 3.9r
*Macauley – 14.9p, 5.9r, 2.0a
*Hagan – 16.1p, 11.6r, 2.7a
*Pettit – 30.1p, 18.3r, 2.4a
Coleman – 10.4p, 7.9r, 3.6a
Share – 6.9p, 5.1r
Park – 4.7p, 3.0r
Bermoras – 3.0p, 2.0r. (3)
Hannum – 0p. (1)

To get to the end they beat…
Boston Celtics – Syracuse Nationals (3-0)
St. Louis Hawks – Minneapolis Lakers (3-0)