NBA 1956 Finals: Warriors outperform the Pistons

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1956 Decade 50 Fort Wayne Pistons NBA Philadelphia Warriors

In the 1956 NBA, the title went to the Philadelphia Warriors, who had no major problems in the final, ending up with a 4-1 record, to beat the Fort Wayne Pistons. Arizin was the man of the final, beating a great individual duel with Yardley, the best of the Pistons

Philadelphia Warriors
*George – 13.6p, 6.2r, 5.0a
*Beck – 12.0p, 5.6r, 1.8a
*Arizin – 27.6p, 8.0r, 2.8a
*Gola – 13.8p, 10.0r, 6.0a
*Johnston – 13.6p, 11.0r, 3.8a
Graboski – 11.0p, 9.8r, 3.2a
Dempsey – 3.0p, 2.2r, 1.8a
Davis – 2.4p, 2.4r
Moore – 0.6p, 1.6r. (3)

Fort Wayne Pistons
*Devlin – 11.8p, 2.8r, 2.6a
*Houbregs – 10.0p, 6.0r, 1.2a
*Yardley – 24.8p, 15.2r, 2.2a
*Foust – 19.4p, 13.0r, 1.8a
*Hutchins – 8.6p, 9.6r, 2.6a
Brian – 8.4p, 1.6a, 1.4r
Noble – 5.0p, 3.6a, 2.8r
Spears – 2.6p, 2.4r, 1.6a
Phillip – 2.4p, 4.2a, 3.8r
Cooper – 0.5p, 2.0r. (4)

To get to the final they beat…
Philadelphia Warriors – Syracuse Nationals (3-2)
Fort Wayne Pistons – St. Louis Hawks (3-2)