NBA 1955 Final: Syracuse Nationals meet with glory

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1955 Decade 50 Fort Wayne Pistons NBA Syracuse Nationals

In the 1955 NBA, the title went to the Syracuse Nationals, their first and only title. A very worked, very suffered title, that was only decided in the seventh game, against the Fort Wayne Pistons. Such was the tension, that after seven games everything was decided in the last play (91-92). A head or tails that opted for the Nationals

Syracuse Nationals
*King – 9.6p, 4.6a, 3.7r
*Rocha – 11.9p, 6.0r, 1.1a
*Lloyd – 9.3p, 6.1r, 2.9a
*Schayes – 19.0p, 11.9r, 3.0a
*Kerr – 12.3p, 11.3r, 1.6a
Seymour – 10.7p, 6.0a, 3.4r
Kenville – 8.4p, 3.1r, 1.4a
Farley – 4.3p, 2.9a, 1.7r
Osterkorn – 3.7p, 2.4r, 1.0a
Tucker – 2.4p, 1.4r. (5)

Fort Wayne Pistons
*Phillip – 8.4p, 7.1a, 4.7r
*Brian – 15.7p, 3.4a, 2.3r
*Yardley – 15.7p, 8.6r, 4.3a
*Hutchins – 13.7p, 8.3r, 3.7a
*Foust – 15.9p, 9.3r, 2.3a
Houbregs – 8.0p, 6.1r, 1.9a
Meineke – 5.7p, 3.7r
Rosenthal – 4.0p, 2.9r, 1.9a
Zaslofsky – 2.9p, 1.6r, 1.0a
Walther – 1.7p, 1.2r. (6)

To get to the final they beat…
Syracuse Nationals – Boston Celtics (3-1)
Fort Wayne Pistons – Minneapolis Lakers (3-1)