EuroCup 2016 Final: Galatasaray beats Strasbourg

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 2016 Decade 2010 EuroCup Galatasaray Strasbourg

At the 2016 EuroCup, the final was held in a round-robin format, where Galatasaray took advantage of playing the return match on their home ground to overcome Strasbourg and win the title. The MVP took it inside the Turkish club Stephane Lasme

Bayern Munich – Galatasaray
Zielona Gora – Gran Canaria
Novgorod – Strasbourg
Trento – Armani Milan

Galatasaray – Gran Canaria
Strasbourg – Trento

The final began with a hard-fought victory for Strasbourg (66-62), with Campbell as the leading player. In the return leg the French were unable to match Galatasaray’s physical intensity, and were unable to maintain their four-point lead in the return leg, with the Turks finally winning (78-67), with Lasme finally MVP, and McCollum, pulling the strings.

*McCollum – 12.0p, 4.0r
*Guler – 8.0p, 5.0r
*Schilb – 11.5p, 6.5r
*Micov – 12.0p, 4.0r
*Lasme – 11.5p, 9.0r
Davis – 8.5p, 1.5r
Jerrells – 2.0p, 1.0a
Koksal – 4.0p, 2.0r
Green – 1p. (1)

*Campbell – 13.0, 5.5r, 4.0a
*Beaubois – 5.0p, 1.5a
*Collins – 12.0p, 4.5r, 4.5a
*Weems – 8.0p, 5.5r
*Fofana – 7.5p, 4.5r
Duport – 4.0p, 1.5r
Howard – 9.0p, 1.5r
Lacombe – 2.5p, 2.5r
Leloup – 5.5p, 3.5r