EuroBasket Final 2005: A Greek choir surpasses Nowitzki’s Germany

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 2005 Decade 2000 EuroBasket Germany Greece

In the summer of 2005, the Eurobasket was held in Belgrade, where in the final of the European Championship, Greece was proclaimed champion, clearly beating Germany by 78-62. A great team, Greece, beat the best player of the championship, Dirk Nowitzki

In the semi-finals Greece beat France in a head-to-head match 67-66. In the other semifinal Germany took the 74-73 match beating Spain, were a very disputed semifinals. In the Bronze fight, France beat an unknown Spain who did not recover from the blow of losing the semifinal, by a resounding 98-68.

Greece 78
*Zisis – 13p, 4r.
*Diamantidis – 2p, 5r.
*Hatzivrettas – 8p, 2r.
*Tsartsaris – 9p, 3r.
*Papadopoulos – 0p, 3r.
Papaloukas – 22p, 6a.
Spanoulis – 1p, 1r.
Kakiouzis – 11p, 3r.
Dikoudis – 8p, 1r.
Bourousis – 4p, 2r.
Fotsis – 0p, 1r.
Vasilopoulos – 0p.

Germany 62
*Pesic – 2p, 1a.
*Roller – 4p, 1r.
*Greene – 2p, 6r.
*Nowitzki – 23p, 9r.
*Femerling – 11p, 2r.
Demirel – 3p, 3a.
Garrett – 2p, 4r.
Wucherer – 6p.
Maras – 2p, 1r.
Schultze – 5p.
Nikagbatse – 2p, 1a.
Arigbabu – 0p, 1r.