EuroBasket Final 1983: Italy win gold after beating Spain

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1983 Decade 80 EuroBasket Italy Spain

The 1983 EuroBasket was held in France, and the final in Nantes, disputed by Italy and Spain, with clear victory for the Azzurra by 105-96, with Vilalta and Gilardi as executing arms

In the semi-finals Italy beat the Netherlands without too many problems by 88-69. On the other hand Spain eliminated the Soviet Union, in a match that entered the history of the competition, with Hispanic victory by 95-94. In the fight for the Bronze the metal was for the Soviet Union, which swept the Netherlands by 105-70.

Italy 105
*Marzoratti – 6p
*Riva – 8p
*Vecchiato – 12p
*Sacchetti – 15p
*Meneghin – 7p
Brunamonti – 6p
Gilardi – 16p
Vilalta – 20p
Bonamico – 8p
Caglieris – 7p

Spain 96
*Corbalán – 9p
*Epi – 21p
*Sibilio – 12p
*Martín – 17p
*Romay – 6p
Solozabal – 2p
Iturriaga – 10p
Margall – 4p
Jimenez – 15p