EuroBasket Final 1981: No one is able to stop the Soviet Union

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1981 Decade 80 EuroBasket Soviet Union Yugoslavia

The 1981 EuroBasket was held in Czechoslovakia, where the Gold went to the Soviet Union after defeating Yugoslavia 84-67 in the final

With only 12 participants the format was in two leagues, and after them and passed directly to the final and the fight for the Bronze. Metal that the hostess Czechoslovakia would win, defeating Spain by 101-90

Soviet Union
*Jovaisa – 13p
*Derjugin – 0p
*Mishkin – 29p
*Lopatov – 0p
*Belostenny – 8p
Eremine – 8p
Kapustine – 0p
Tarakanov – 0p
Valters – 20p
Tkachenko – 6p
Fesenko – 0p

*Vilfan – 0p
*Kicanovic – 13p
*Dalipagic – 8p
*Poljac – 4p
*Cosic – 18p
Knego – 10p
Popovic – 0p
Benacek – 0p
Petrovic – 2p
Skroce – 0p
Radovanovic – 0p