EuroBasket 1967 Final: Soviet Union beats Czechoslovakia

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1967 Czechoslovakia Decade 60 EuroBasket Soviet Union

In 1967 the EuroBasket was held in Finland, where the Soviet Union once again proved its dominance at that time. In the final they beat Czechoslovakia, who only held out until almost the first half, then (89-77), with Volnov and Paulauskas overcoming Zidek

For the Bronze, Poland and Bulgaria offered us a great match, with the Poles winning in the end (80-76). Earlier in the semi-finals, Czechoslovakia and Bulgaria fought an intense duel to reach the final (82-79), while in the other, the Soviet Union crushed Poland (108-68).

Soviet Union 89
*S.Belov – 12p
*Paulauskas – 19p
*Sakandelidze – 7p
*Andrejev – 5p
*Volnov – 23p
Polivoda – 4p
Tomson – 4p
Lipso – 7p
Lepmets – 0p
Selihov – 6p
Zarmuhamedov – 2p
Krikun – 0p

Czechoslovakia 77
*Ammer – 10p
*Marek – 3p
*Zednicek – 18p
*Bobrovsky – 10p
*Zidek – 25p
Konvicka – 2p
Baroch – 2p
Mifka – 3p
Tomasek – 2p
Ruzicka – 2p
Pistelak – 0p
Mrazek – 0p