EuroBasket 1965 Final: The Soviet Union reigns in Moscow

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1965 Decade 60 EuroBasket Soviet Union Yugoslavia

In 1965 the EuroBasket was held in Russia, where the locals continued their tyranny in this competition, winning their fifth consecutive European Championship. Yugoslavia tried to compete but in the end was clearly defeated in the final (58-49)

For the Bronze, Poland took the metal, moreover, it did it with forcefulness, beating Italy by (86-70). The Italians came from a very tough semi-final against Yugoslavia (83-82) and paid dearly in the fight for the Bronze. In the other semi-final the Soviet Union had no problems with Poland (75-61).

Soviet Union 58
*Petrov – 14p
*Travine – 11p
*Paulauskas – 16p
*Volnov – 8p
*Lipso – 6p
Alatchatchan – 3p
Baglej – 0p
Khrynine – 0p
Eglitis – 0p
Sakandelidze – 0p
Skhierli – 0p
Suchak – 0p

Yugoslavia 49
*Korac – 9p
*Daneu – 8p
*Duric – 16p
*Rajkovic – 6p
*Djerdja – 4p
Kovacic – 4p
Petricevic – 2p
Gordic – 0p
Raznatovic – 0p
Elselt – 0p
Bojovic – 0p
Skansi – 0p