EuroBasket 1963 Final: Russia remains unstoppable, local Poland wins silver

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1963 Decade 60 EuroBasket Poland Soviet Union

The Polish EuroBasket was held in 1963. Where the locals took the opportunity to take the silver, only giving in to the then invincible Soviet Union, in the grand final by (61-45)

In the fight for Bronze Yugoslavia took the metal after razing Hungary by (89-61). Earlier in the semi-finals, Poland beat Yugoslavia (83-72), which was a national holiday, in the other match the Soviet Union took the lead over Hungary (89-51).

Soviet Union 61
*Krouminch – 17p
*Volnov – 14p
*Petrov – 13p
*Travine – 10p
*Kalynynch – 4p
Minachvili – 2p
Lipso – 1p
Altchatchan – 0p
Gladun – 0p
Iurguenson – 0p
Khrynine – 0p
Lepmets – 0p

Poland 45
*Lopatka – 11p
*Frelkiewicz – 10p
*Langiewicz – 6p
*Dregier – 5p
*Piskun – 4p
Wichowski – 2p
Pstrokonski – 2p
Arent – 0p
Olejniczak – 0p
Sitkowski – 4p
Likszo – 3p
Nartowski – 0p