EuroBasket 1959 Final: Soviet Union repeats title

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1959 Czechoslovakia Decade 50 EuroBasket Soviet Union

In 1959, the EuroBasket was held in Turkey, where the Soviet Union once again won the gold medal. There was still no final as such, although the Soviets could not be completely relaxed until the final day, when they beat France (88-72), with giant Janis Krouminch as the most outstanding

A defeat that was fatal for the French who went down to the Bronze medal, and it was very good for Czechoslovakia, who tied with the French at (1-2), the averague gave him the silver

Soviet Union 88
*Krouminch – 32p
*Muzhnieks – 16p
*Valdmanis – 12p
*Zubkov – 9p
*Korneev – 8p
Torban – 6p
Botchkarev – 4p
Minachvili – 1p
Semenov – 0p
Volnov – 0p
Studenetsky – 0p
Petrov – 0p

France 72
*Lefebvre – 16p
*Grange – 14p
*Dorigo – 12p
*Mayeur – 10p
*Monclar – 8p
Chavet – 0p
Baltzer – 4p
Sedat – 0p
Villecourt – 0p
Christ – 6p
Rat – 2p
Baillet – 0p