EuroBasket 1955 Final: Hungary takes its European

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1955 Czechoslovakia Decade 50 EuroBasket Hungary

In 1957, the EuroBasket was held in Hungary, where the locals, to the amazement of the whole world, took the Gold. The silver went to Czechoslovakia, the bronze to the favorite to be at the top, the Soviet Union

It was played in a group format, without playoffs, and the gold medal was decided when Hungary and the Soviet Union faced each other on the sixth day of the final match, with the hosts winning (68-82) in a match where the Soviets never found the right rhythm to win. This result was key in deciding the other medals, which were for Czechoslovakia (silver) and the aforementioned Soviet Union (bronze), both tied at 8-2.

Hungary 82
*Banhegyi – 18p
*Czinkan – 1p
*Hody – 20p
*Greminger – 12p
*Bencze – 7p
Mezofi – 20p
Papp – 0p
Zsiros – 20p
Bogar – 0p
Simon – 0p
Cselko – 2p
J.Hody – 2p

Soviet Union 68
*Rechetnikov – 3p
*Botchkarev – 9p
*Korkia – 5p
*Silinch – 10p
*Moisseev – 9p
Vlassov – 1p
Stonkus – 3p
Pietkievitchus – 1p
Ozerov – 5p
Laga – 15p
Torban – 7p
Semenov – 0p