EuroBasket 1946 Final: Czechoslovakia wins after the war

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1946 Czechoslovakia Decade 40 EuroBasket Italy

A new map of Europe had emerged from World War II. Basketball was no stranger to its consequences. Seven years after 1939, the continental tournament returned without its champion, Lithuania, a country that had been absorbed by the USSR. The Czechs won the gold medal after beating Italy in the final by a tight score (34-32)

The Bronze went to Hungary, beating France by (38-32). Earlier in the semi-finals, the Czechs beat Hungary (42-28), and Italy beat France (37-25).

Czechoslovakia 34
*Krepela – 13p
*Velensky – 10p
*Mrazek – 5p
*Toms – 4p
*Trpkos – 1p
Bobocky – 1p
Hluchy – 0p
Ezr – 0p
Nerad – 0p

Italy 32
*Marinelli – 8p
*De Nardus – 9p
*Stefanini – 8p
*Vannini – 3p
*Cattarini – 2p
Fagarazzi – 1p
Pellarini – 1p
Pitacco – 0p
Rubini – 0p
Bocciai – 0p