EuroBasket 1935 Final: Latvia, first champion

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1935 Decade 30 EuroBasket Latvia Spain

In 1935 FIBA organized its first competition in Switzerland, probably as a prelude to the Olympic Games the following year. The first champion in the history of the EuroBasket was Latvia, which beat Spain in the final. The Bronze went to Czechoslovakia

In the grand final the Latvians beat Spain by (24-18) at their best in the first half. Spain tried to come back but Latvia played very conservatively to finally take the gold.

In the fight for the Bronze, Czechoslovakia beat the host Switzerland by a tight score (25-23). Earlier in the semi-finals, Latvia beat Switzerland (28-19) and Spain beat Czechoslovakia (21-17), in a result considered a surprise at the time.

Latvia 24
*Jurcins – 11p
*Grundmanis – 4p
*Andersons – 2p
*Anufrejevs – 2p
*Raudzins – 2p
Lidmanis – 2p
Gubins – 1p
Hudins – 0p
Melderis – 0p

Spain 18
*Martin – 6p
*P.Alonso – 4p
*E.Alonso – 2p
*Ruano – 2p
*Maunier – 2p
Carbonell – 0p
Ortega – 0p
Muscat – 0p