Cup 1992 Final: Estudiantes get a doctor

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1992 Cup Decade 90 Estudiantes Zaragoza

In 1992 the cup was held in Granada, where Estudiantes won again after almost three decades. In the final, the Madrid team beat Zaragoza (61-56) in a final with more defence than success, and with John Pinone as MVP of the tournament

It was a hard-fought game, just a few points behind (31-31), and it was only in the second half that Estudiantes were able to make a significant breakthrough and go into the final minutes with a cup-winning lead

Herreros and Winslow, both with 16 points, were the top student scorers. In Zaragoza, Fernando Arcega, with 19 points


Students 82 – Real Madrid 80
Joventut 77 – Girona 71
Barcelona 67 – León 62
Baskonia 83 – Zaragoza 87

Students 78 – Joventut 77
Barcelona 77 – Zaragoza 81

Estudiantes 61
*Martínez – 0p, 4a, 2br
*Herreros – 16p, 1r, 1br
*Winslow – 16p, 12r, 2br
*Orenga – 10p, 8r, 1br
*Pinone – 10p, 4r, 2br
Aísa – 4p, 2br
Azofra – 0p, 2br, 1a
Rodríguez – 5p, 6r, 1br

Zaragoza 56
*Álvarez – 7p, 4r, 2a
*Paddio – 2p, 7r
*Bosch – 5p, 3r
*Andreu – 9p, 2r, 2a
*McQueen – 3p, 7r, 1t
F.Arcega – 19p, 9r, 1a
P.Arcega – 0p, 2r, 1br
Aldama – 1p, 1r, 1br
Murcia – 10p, 1r