Cup 1984 Final: Zaragoza wins the first cup of the ACB era

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1984 Barcelona Cup Decade 80 Zaragoza

With the creation of the ACB in 1984, the cup changed format and the tournament was established with a single venue. The first one was held in Zaragoza, where the locals, under Magee’s leadership, beat Barcelona in the final (81-78) and took the cup in front of the delirium of their fans

Barcelona enjoyed the first notable advantages (38-47), but Zaragoza, in the face of the pressure of an overturned fan, got into the game and was able to overcome the Blaugranas at the key moment to take the title.

Zaragoza’s North Americans, Magee (19 points) and Allen (18 points) were the most outstanding, supported by López Rodriguez, Fernando Arcega, Bosch and Díaz. In Barcelona, Epi and Sibilio stood out.



Joventut 83 – Zaragoza 87
Real Madrid 100 – Barcelona 102

Zaragoza 81
*Díaz – 10p, 2r, 1br
*Bosch – 10p, 3a, 1r
*F.Arcega – 10p, 5r, 3br
*Allen – 18p, 8r, 3br
*Magee – 19p, 11r, 2br
López Rodríguez – 14p, 1br, 1t
P.Arcega – 0p, 3br
Zapata – 0p, 1r

Barcelona 78
*Solózabal – 6p, 4r, 1br
*Epi – 24p, 6r, 2br
*Sibilio – 21p, 2r, 2br
*Starks – 12p, 7r
*Davis – 11p, 11r, 2t
De la Cruz – 4p, 1r