ACB Final 2011: The blaugrana roller knows no rival

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 2011 ACB Barcelona Bilbao Decade 2010

In the ACB of 2011 we witnessed the absolute dominance of Regal Barcelona, who dominated the ACB from beginning to end. No one was able to beat him in the playoffs, in any of the three playoffs. In front of Bilbao Basket, a young team that had never managed to win a playoff game and this year touched the sky to qualify for the final by defeating first against Valencia and then Real Madrid. Regal Barcelona powerful champion of the ACB


*Sada – 4.3p, 6.3r, 3.3a.
*Navarro – 15.0p, 3.3a, 1.3r. 
*Anderson – 9.3p, 2.3r.
*Lorbek – 13.3p, 6.0r.
*Perovic – 2.6p, 4.6r, 1.0br.
Rubio – 1.0p, 2.3r, 2.3a.
Grimau – 4.0p.
Ingles – 6.3p, 1.0r.
Morris – 2.0p, 1.3r.
N`Dong – 6.6p, 7.3r, 1.6t.
Vazquez – 4.6p, 3.0r.
Lakovic – 1.3p.


*Jackson – 5.0p, 3.3r, 1.3a.
*Blums – 8.3p, 1.3r.
*Mumbru – 10.3p, 4.0r, 1.3a. 
*Hervelle – 8.0p, 8.6r, 2.3br.
*Mavroeidis – 3.6p, 4.6r, 1.0a.
Fisher – 6.3p, 2.0r, 2.0a.
Vazquez – 1.5p. (2)
Warren – 5.3p, 1.6a, 1.0r.
Vasileiadis – 9.0p, 2.3r, 1.0a.
Banic – 5.0p, 3.3r.
Sonseca – 0p. (1)


To reach the final they won …
Barcelona – Unicaja (2-0), Baskonia (3-0)
Bilbao – Valencia (0-2), Real Madrid (1-3)