2017 NBA Final: Warriors far superior to Cavaliers

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 2017 Cleveland Cavaliers Decade 2010 Golden State Warriors NBA

The 2017 NBA offered us for the third consecutive time a Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers, a milestone in the history of the NBA. The Warriors broke the particular tie they held in the finals, with a resounding (4-1). LeBron went to a triple-double per game, nobody in the finals had achieved it so far, but felt very alone, except Irving, to face some incredible Warriors, led by Curry and MVP Durant

Golden State Warriors
*Curry – 26.8p, 9.4a, 8.0r.
*Thompson – 16.4p, 4.8r, 2.2a.
*Durant – 35.2p, 8.4r, 5.4a.
*Green – 11.0p, 10.2r, 4.8a.
*Patchoulia – 3.2p, 2.8r.
Iguodala – 8.6p, 3.4a, 3.2r.
Livingston – 6.6p, 1.2a, 1.0r.
West – 4.2p, 2.0r.
Clark – 4.8p, 1.0r. (4)
McCaw – 2.2p, 2.0r.
McGee – 2.8p, 2.5r. (4)
McAdoo – 1.0p. (4)
Barnes – 0.6p.

Cleveland Cavaliers
*Irving – 29.4p, 4.4a, 4.0r.
*Smith – 11.8p, 1.6r.
*LeBron – 33.6p, 12.0r, 10.0a.
*Love – 16.0p, 11.2r, 2.2br.
*Thompson – 5.6p, 5.8r, 2.6a.
Jefferson – 5.8p, 2.4r.
Korver – 4.4p, 1.2r.
Shumpert – 3.6p, 2.0r.
D. Jones – 3.0p, 1.3r. (3)
Derr. Williams – 2.3p. (3)
Right Williams – 1.0p, 1.6r, 1.2a. (3)
Frye – 2p, 3r. (1)
J. Jones – 0.0p. (3)

To get to the finals they beat…
Golden St. Warriors – Portland trail Blazers (4-0), Utah Jazz (4-0), San Antonio Spurs (4-0)
Cleveland Cavaliers – Indiana Pacers (4-0), Toronto Raptors (4-0), Boston Celtics (4-1)