1952 NBA Final: Minneapolis Lakers start first-ever ‘Threepeat’

por Roberto Anidos publicado en 1952 Decade 50 Minneapolis Lakers NBA New York Knicks

In the 1952 NBA, the Lakers, after a year of hiatus, won the championship again. The first of a series of three, in what would be the first major domination in history. The final, like a year later, was against the Knicks, although this was decided after a tough series of 7 games (4-3), with (82-75) in the final match

Minneapolis Lakers
*Saul – 13.0p, 4.3a, 3.7r
*Martin – 9.1p, 4.1a, 3.1r
*Pollard – 16.4p, 6.4r, 3.0a
*Mikkelsen – 13.1p, 8.3r, 1.0a
*Mikan – 21.7p, 17.4r, 2.4a
Harrison – 7.0p, 2.4r, 1.7a
Hitch – 2.6p, 4.9r
Hutton – 2.3p
Schultz – 2.0p, 1.7r

New York Knicks
*D.McGuire – 9.3p, 4.7a, 4.4r
*Zaslofsky – 13.0p, 2.1r, 1.0a
*Vandewegue – 10.1p, 4.4r, 1.6a
*Simmons – 14.7p, 6.6r, 1.0a
*Clifton – 10.4p, 9.1r, 2.4a
Gallatin – 9.9p, 9.9r, 1.0a
A.McGuire – 4.7p, 1.9r, 1.6a
Lumpp – 5.3p, 1.5r. (6)
Kaftan – 3.2p, 1.7r. (6)

To get to the final they beat…
Minneapolis Lakers – Indianapolis Olympians (2-0); Rochester Royals (3-1)
New York Knicks – Boston Celtics (2-1); Syracuse Nationals (3-1)