1951 NBA Final: The Royals beat the Knicks after a tough final

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In the 1951 NBA we had to wait until game seven of the final series, when the Rochester Royals beat the New York Knicks by (79-75) to meet the champion of the second edition of the NBA

Rochester Royals
*Davies – 17.0p, 5.3a, 3.3r
*Wanzer – 12.4p, 5.9r, 3.6a
*Johnson – 12.4p, 8.6r, 3.1a
*Coleman – 8.9p, 13.1r, 6.3a
*Risen – 21.7p, 14.3r, 2.7a
Holzman – 4.7p, 1.6r, 1.0a
Calhoun – 2.4p, 2.0r
McNamee – 2.0p, 1.7r
Saul – 0.8p. (5)
Noel – 2.0p, 1.8r. (4)

New York Knicks
*Boryla – 13.4p, 4.1r, 3.3a
*Zaslofsky – 19.0p, 3.4r, 3.4a
*Simmons – 12.1p, 7.0r, 1.9a
*Clifton – 7.9p, 9.7r, 3.6a
*Gallatin – 10.9p, 10.0r, 1.3a
Vandeweghe – 6.7p, 4.6r, 2.7a
McGuire – 4.1p, 3.9r, 3.7a
Lumpp – 3.8p, 1.3a, 1.0r. (6)
Lavelli – 1.3p. (3)
Kaftan – 0.0p. (4)

To get to the final they beat…
Rochester Royals – Fort Wayne Pistons (2-1); Minneapolis Lakers (3-1)
New York Knicks – Boston Celtics (2-0); Syracuse Royals (3-2)