Winners’ Cup 1992 Final: Ricky Brown unleashes delirium for Real Madrid

In 1992, the Cup Winners’ Cup final was held in Nantes, where Real Madrid beat PAOK Thessaloniki (65-63), with a Ricky Brown’s final basket that has remained in the memory of the white club’s history. Real Madrid won by 15, but in the end they had to overcome a head or tails with the Greeks

Smelt Olimpija – PAOK Thessaloniki (1-2)
Verona – Real Madrid (0-2)

A basket with two seconds left by Ricky Brown after a ball was stolen from Fassoulas gave the title of European Cup champion to Real Madrid. After dominating by up to 15 points (43-28 at half-time), the Whites suffered from the burdens of those who don’t trust their own chances and let their rivals close the gap. With just seven seconds to go and the score at 63, Fassoulas captured a defensive rebound and set about launching his team’s attack, perhaps the ultimate one, but his attempt to pass to Boudouris was intercepted by Ricky Brown, who scored a shot in close suspension as Fassoulas himself desperately tried to block the shot.

Real Madrid 65
*Antunez – 2p, 4a
*Biriukov – 0p, 2r
*Simpson – 24p, 7a
*Brown – 18p, 18r
*A.Martín – 7p, 6r
Llorente – 6p, 3a
Romay – 2p, 3r
Cargol – 6p, 3r

PAOK Thessaloniki 63
*Boudouris – 3p, 5a
*Prelevic – 29p, 4a
*Papachronis – 5p, 4r
*Barlow – 5p, 4r
*Fassoulas – 17p, 11r, 6t
Stavropoulos – 0p, 2r
Filippou – 4p, 3r

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