NBA Final 1994: The Rockets overcome an exciting final against the Knicks

In the NBA of 1994, after Jordan’s retirement, the NBA was looking for a champion after three years of Bulls dominance. In the grand final the Houston Rockets faced the New York Knicks. Both teams offered us an exciting final, decided in the seventh game by the Texan side, 4-3 for Houston. A very physical final and a duel in the painting Olajuwon vs Ewing stellar

Houston Rockets 
*Smith – 5.6p, 3.1a.
*Maxwell – 13.4p, 3.1a.
*Horry – 10.4p, 6.1r.
*Thorpe – 9.3p, 11.3r.
*Olajuwon – 26.9p, 9.1r.
Cassell – 10.0p, 3.1r. 
Ellie – 2.4p, 1.0r.
Jent – 0.0p. (3)
Herrera – 7.1p, 3.6r.
Bullard – 4.0p, 3.0r. (2)
Cureton – 0p. (1)
Petruska –

New York Knicks
*Harper – 16.4p, 6.0a.
*Starks – 17.7p, 5.9r.
*Mason – 8.6p, 6.9r.
*Oakley – 11.0p, 11.9r.
*Ewing – 18.9p, 12.4r.
Anthony – 3.3p, 2.4a.
Davis – 1.6p. (5)
Bonner – 2.0p, 1.0r. (2)
Smith – 9.4p, 4.3r.
Williams – 0.0p. (4)
Campbell –
Blackman –

To reach the final they won by the way to …
Houston Rockets – Portland Blazers (3-1), Phoenix Suns (4-3), Utah Jazz (4-1)
New York Knicks – New Jersey Nets (3-1), Chicago Bulls (4-3), Indiana Pacers (4-3)


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