NBA Final 1990: Detroit Pistons repeat ring

(Original Caption) Portland: Detroit Pistons' Isaiah Thomas scores as a flying Portland Trail Blazers' Jerome Kersey tries to defend in the 1st quarter of their NBA Final.

In the 1.990 NBA the Detroit Pistons won the championship, beating the Portland Trail Blazers 4-1 in the final. Thomas, Dumars and company win their second consecutive league, the «bad-boy» style dominates the NBA

Detroit Pistons 
*Thomas – 27.6p, 7.0a, 5.2r.
*Dumars – 20.6p, 5.6a.
*Aguirre – 9.6p, 3.6r.
*Laimbeer – 13.2p, 13.4r.
*Edwards – 14.4p, 3.8r. 
Johnson – 12.2p, 2.0r.
Greenwood – 1.0p, 3.0r. (3)
Henderson – 1.0p. (2)
Rodman – 2.3p, 5.5r. (4)
Salley – 6.6p, 6.4r.
Hastings – 0.0p. (2)

Portland Trail Blazers
*Porter – 19.0p, 8.4a.
*Drexler – 26.4p, 7.8r, 6.2a.
*Kersey – 19.0p, 7.0r.
*Williams – 11.2p, 9.0r.
*Duckworth – 15.6p, 5.6r.
Young – 3.0p, 1.6a.
Petrovic – 2.5p. (4)
Bryant – 0.5p, 1.0r. (2)
Robinson – 3.8p, 2.4r.
Cooper – 2.3p, 5.0r. (4)

In order to reach the final, they defeated …
Detroit Pistons – Indiana Pacers (3-0), New York Knicks (4-1), Chicago Bulls (4-3)
Portland T. Blazers – Dallas Mavericks (3-0), San Antonio Spurs (4-3), Phoenix Suns (4-2)

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