NBA 1968 Final: Celtics chorus can handle West’s genius

In the 1968 NBA, the Lakers and the Celtics offered us a new final between them, in the end with a victory for the Greens (4-2). The series was tied at 2-2, but from there on the Boston took a hard-fought and far-sighted fifth game. In the sixth game the Celtic victory was more convincing. The Lakers came out strong in this final, and the Celtics suffered a terrible 7-game series against the Sixers, but green pride won

Boston Celtics
*Siegfried – 15.5p, 4.0a, 3.0r
*Jones – 17.5p, 3.2r, 2.8a
*Howell – 21.0p, 7.5r, 1.2a
*Havlicek – 27.3p, 8.7r, 6.7a
*Russell – 17.3p, 21.8r, 5.7a
Nelson – 14.0p, 8.0r, 1.7a
Embry – 2.8p, 2.2r. (5)
Thacker – 0.4p, 1.2r. (5)
Sanders – 0.0p, 0.6r. (3)
Jones – 2p. (1)
Weitzman – 2p. (1)
Graham – 0p, 1r. (1)

Angeles Lakers
*Clark – 16.2p, 3.7a, 2.7r.
*West – 31.3p, 5.8r, 5.7a
*Hawkins – 10.7p, 6.7r, 1.0a
*Baylor – 26.2p, 12.5r, 4.3a
*Counts – 10.2p, 11.5r, 2.2a
Imhoff – 8.5p, 10.2r, 1.8a
Crawford – 4.7p, 2.5r
Mueller – 2.5p, 4.0r, 2.0a
Goodrich – 5.2p, 1.6a, 1.2r

To get to the final they beat…
Boston Celtics – Detroit Pistons (4-2); Philadelphia Sixers (4-3)
Angeles Lakers – Chicago Bulls (4-1); San Francisco Warriors (4-0)

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