NBA 1967 Final: Rick Barry can’t beat the Philadelphia Sixers

In the 1967 NBA, the Philadelphia Sixers were crowned champions after defeating the San Francisco Warriors of gunner Rick Barry. The Sixers always led the series thanks to Chamberlain’s mastery of painting, and Greer and Walker’s

Philadelphia Sixers
*Greer – 26.0p, 8.0r, 6.2a
*Jones – 20.2p, 5.3a, 3.5r
*Walker – 23.3p, 8.0r, 6.2a
*Jackson – 9.2p, 12.5r, 1.8a
*Chamberlain – 17.7p, 28.5r, 6.8a
Cunningham – 19.7p, 5.7r, 3.0a
Goukas – 5.2p, 2.5r, 1.7a
Gambee – 4.0p, 1.5r. (4)
Weis – 4p, 2r, 2a. (1)

San Francisco Warriors
*King – 18.3p, 8.2r, 4.5a
*Mullins – 14.0p, 5.0r, 4.0a
*Barry – 40.8p, 8.8r, 3.0a
*Meschery – 10.8p, 7.2r, 1.2a
*Thurmond – 14.2p, 26.7r, 3.3a
Attles – 3.8p, 5.5r, 3.3a
Neumann – 3.3p, 2.2a, 1.0r
Lee – 6.4p, 7.2r, 1.4a. (5)
Hetzel – 9.3p, 4.0r. (4)
Olsen – 2.0p, 4.0r. (2)
Warlick – 0p. (1)

To get to the final they beat…
Philadelphia Sixers – Cincinnati Royals (3-1); Boston Celtics (4-1)
San Francisco Warriors – Angeles Lakers (3-0); St. Louis Hawks (4-2)

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