Korac 1990 Final: Joventut wins its second Korac

In 1990 the final of the Korac was played by the Joventut and the Scavolini, with victory for the Catalans after being able to win by a single goal in Pesaro and then finish the mission in Badalona. The duo Montero and Villacampa, with Lampley standing out on the inside, were key

Panionios – CSKA Moscow
Ephesians Pilsen – Bosna
Enimont – Joventut
Cholet – Scavolini

CSKA Moscow – Scavolini
Bosna – Joventut

With the help of a great Jordi Villacampa, Joventut achieved a short – but significant – victory (98-99) on the track of the Scavolini de Pésaro and took a big step towards winning the Cup Korać. By banishing old European ghosts and their cheerfulness as a losing team over the last few years, Joventut confirmed the good image offered in the first leg and won their second Cup Korać after a vibrant match, in which they had to suffer until the end. With 2’54» to go, with the match virtually resolved (86-74), Daye gave Villacampa a boost with a stop play and Montero threw a shot at the Scavolini’s American forwards that earned him a technical win. The final moments of the game were made endless by the continuous fouls of the Italian team, although the great captain, «Matraco» Margall, had the opportunity to jump to the track and taste the European triumph in his last season as a player of Joventut. After the final whistle, with (96-86), the Badalonesa fans lived a real esclat de joia and identified fully with his team in a celebration that lasted all night.

*Montero – 24.5p, 6.5a
*Villacampa – 25.5p, 6.0r, 5.5br
*Lampley – 19.0p, 10.0r
*Johnson – 14.5p, 6.5r
*Morales – 4.0p, 5.5r, 3.5t
R.Jofresa – 5.5p, 2.5a
Margall – 1.5p, 1.0r
Ruf – 2.0p, 1.5r
T.Jofresa – 2p. (1)

*Gracis – 4.0p, 2.0r
*Cook – 26.5p, 4.0r
*Daye – 26.5p, 7.5r
*Magnifico – 21.0p, 6.5r
*Costa – 3.5p, 2.0r
Boni – 5.5p, 4.5r
Boesso – 5.0p.
Pieri – 0p, 1r. (1)
Zampolini – 0p. (1)

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