FIBA Cup 2012 Final: Mensah-Bonsu and Erceg take Besiktas to the top

In 2012, the FIBA Cup final four was held in the Hungarian city of Debrecen, where Besiktas beat Elan Chalon in the final (91-86). The French sold out, but eventually fell to Arroyo’s push in the direction, and the quality and power of their inner pair Mensah-Bonsu and Erceg, who were at their best near the rim

Szolnoki 60 – Besiktas 64
Elan Chalon 84 – Triumph 69

At the beginning the Turks went on the scoreboard (27-15), but the cordiality of the Chalon allowed him to tie the score for the second half (42-42). After a short break in the second half, both sides went forward, and here at the end, the quality of the Turkish club’s stars prevailed.

Mensah-Bonsu (26 points 20 rebounds) and Erceg (25 points 15 rebounds) were the best of Besiktas, well accompanied by Arroyo (15 points 8 assists) and Hawkins (13). In Elan, all their starting five scored 11 or more points, with Tchicamboud (19 points) as the top scorer.

Besiktas 91
*Arroyo – 15p, 8a
*Hawkins – 13p, 4a
*Cetin – 0p, 1a
*Mensah-Bonsu – 26p, 20r
*Erceg – 25p, 15r
Yagmur – 0p, 2a
Kemp – 8p, 3r
Dagli – 4p, 2r

Elan Chalon 86
*Tchicamboud – 19p, 7a
*Delaney – 11p, 3a
*Schilb – 12p, 6a
*Evtimov – 12p, 8r
*Aminu – 13p, 8r
Smith – 4p, 1a
Lang – 6p, 2br
Aboudou – 0p, 1r
Jean-Baptiste-Adolphe – 4p, 2r
Lauvergne – 5p, 8r

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