Champions League 2021 Final: San Pablo Burgos repeats the title

In 2021 the final 8 of the Basketball Champions League was held in the Russian city of Novgorod. In the final, San Pablo Burgos won the title for the second consecutive year. In a few points final (64-59) the Burgos beat Pinar Karsiyaka, with Benite as MVP

Hapoel Holon 77 – San Pablo Burgos 86
Tenerife 86 – Strasbourg 88
Nizhny Novgorod 78 – Zaragoza 86
Nymburk 73 – Pinar Karsiyaka 84

San Pablo Burgos 81 – Strasbourg 70
Zaragoza 79 – Pinar Karsiyaka 84


The final was played at a slow pace, with very few points, waiting for one of the two rivals to catch the lethal streak. This came in the third quarter when Burgos was able to leave the Turks at eleven points in the ten minutes of play, and put the score at (46-39).

It might not seem like much but with so few points in the game, Burgos were able to manage the lead until the end.

San Pablo Burgos 64
*Renfroe – 14p, 6r
*Benite – 15p, 2a
*Rabaseda – 0p, 5r
*Rivero – 9p, 5r
*Kravic – 8p, 8r
Cook – 3p, 2a
McFadden – 5p, 1a
Salvo – 5p, 3r
Horton – 5p, 2r
Sakho – 0p, 2r
Barrera – 0p, 1r
Salash – 0p

Pinar Karsiyaka 59
*Taylor – 8p, 4a
*Henry – 1p, 5a
*Kennedy – 5p, 4r
*Morgan – 13p, 6r
*M`Baye – 17p, 8r
Bitim – 2p
Agva – 2p, 3r
Sonsirma – 0p
Birsen – 10p, 6r
Erden – 1p

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