ACB Final 2021: Seven years later Barcelona wins the title

In the 2021 ACB, Barcelona put an end to a long drought in the competition, beating Real Madrid in the final (2-0), in a reduced best-of-three format. The blaugranas were the clear winners in both games against a Real Madrid side that was severely depleted by their injuries and did not give the impression of being able to compete at almost any point in the final. Pau Gasol, who returned to Barcelona after many years in the NBA, won the title 20 years later, Nikola Mirotic, MVP of the tournament

*Calathes – 13.5p, 5.5a, 3.5r.
*Higgins – 15.0p, 2.0r.
*Hanga – 4.0p, 4.0r, 2.0a.
*Mirotic – 18.0p, 6.0r, 1.5br.
*Davies – 9.5p, 2.0r, 1.5a.
Bolmaro – 1.5p.
Westermann – 0.0p.
Abrines – 3.0p, 2.0r.
Kuric – 11.0p, 1.5r.
Smits – 4.0p, 5.0r.
Oriola – 1.5p, 2.0r.
Gasol – 9.5p, 7.0r, 1.5a.

Real Madrid
*Alocén – 9.0p, 3.0a, 1.5r.
*Abalde – 11.0p, 2.0a, 1.5r.
*Taylor – 3.5p, 2.0a, 1.0r.
*Garuba – 2.5p, 2.0r.
*Tavares – 14.0p, 8.5r, 1.0t.
Llull – 4.0p, 3.5r, 2.0a.
Causeur – 9.0p, 1.5r.
Carroll – 4.5p, 1.5r, 1.0br.
Rudy – 5.0p, 1.5r, 1.0a.
Tyus – 6.5p, 3.5r.
Poirier – 5.5p, 6.5r, 1.0a.
Vukcevic – 0.5p.

To reach the final they beat…
Barcelona – Joventut (2-1), Tenerife (2-1)
Real Madrid – Gran Canaria (2-0), Valencia Basket (2-1)

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